KD International

K.D International HR Consultancy is a premier HR Consultancy based in UAE that offers a hands-on quality service that allows us to source and work with candidates from a wide range of countries especially South East Asian like Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Phillippines etc. K.D International HR Consultancy provides Overseas Recruitment and Contract Staffing Services for contingencies as well as for turnkey projects and Executive Search which covers the following sectors: Hospitality, Retail, FMCG, Aviation, Banking, Call Center, Construction, Engineering, Healthcare, IT, Media, etc.

K.D International HR Consultancy incorporates a rapidly growing databank of top quality professionals and thus provides you with the very best talent. Our qualified and multi-cultural teams of professional consultants aim at providing you with an objective and qualitative recruitment solution. This involves a thorough understanding of your needs followed by adoption of an appropriate means of sourcing potential candidates. K.D International HR Consultancy utilizes one or multiple methods of attracting qualified candidates including database search, headhunting and advertisement in local and international newspapers, campus selections and through our networking partnership with strategically located associate agencies worldwide. Besides this, an association with K.D International HR Consultancy gives you the benefit of free classified advertising, competitive fees and the peace of mind that comes with a permanent placement guarantee.

As we grew, we created the standards that have come to define modern staffing and recruiting. Customers benefit from Experts International Recruitment Services swift responsiveness, excellent customer service and bilingual staff. Customers do not need to look any further when seeking reliable and time saving Recruitment & Manpower services as we form deep and long-lasting business partnerships with our clients to ease their staffing dilemmas. We assure our clients that our services and solutions, as usual, are cost effective and value-driven. K.D International HR Consultancy works in strong partnership with our clients to make sure they achieve their business results through the development and execution of sustainable strategic and tactical HR Consultancy that unlock the true value of people within an organization.

At K.D International HR Consultancy we passionately believe in the Five P’s of Recruitment that is targeting and recruitig the

  •  Right Person
  •  For the Right Profession,
  •  At the Right Price,
  •  At the Right Place and
  •  At the Right Pace.



Our Core Competencies are:core

• Overseas manpower recruitment services.
• Direct Hire Placements through database search and   advertisement response.
• Contract Staffing Services for short term and long-term   operations and projects.
• Executive Search and Head Hunting Services.
• Localization: Placement of UAE Nationals and GCC   Nationals.

Our Values

stock• Honesty, integrity and respect are our fundamental    values.
• We are passionate about quality and efficiency    and providing a professional service.
• Rigorous business processes and clear  communication are embedded throughout our    business.
• Dynamic and flexible in responding to your needs  we will not waste your time with unsuitable   applications.
• We believe in building close working relationships taking time to fully understand client   and candidate needs in  order to ensure best fit.
• We want to make our clients lives easier by saving their valuable time and taking the   pain out of the recruitment  process.
• We will remain on top of all market and industry developments to ensure our clients   receive exceptional quality  and retain its competitive advantage.


K.D International HR Solutions is giving back to Societysociety

At K.D International HR Consultancy we are serious in investing in our communities where we grow. For us it’s the only way to give back to those who have helped our business. We provide financial support to volunteer groups and non-profit organizations to help the communities in need.

As successful members of the community, we have a responsibility to help those that are less fortunate and contribute to the common good. We donate approximately 2 to 3 percent of our income to charitable organizations. When our business was small, we gave our time, volunteering with local organizations that were able to use our skills.