Our Core Ventures

trade1. Trade link Technical Training Institute (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Established in 1998, Trade link Technical Training Institute Pvt.Ltd is one of the pioneer institutes led by a group of well-experienced and qualified professionals. As a dynamic skilled based organization with solid foundations, enlightened expertise and regional reach needed to deliver professional service and optimal results or the rapidly growing technical workforce as per the demand of the market with the main thrusts of quality service delivery, sustainability, competitiveness, innovative technologies, employability, research and development.


2. Amigo Travel & Adventure” (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Amigo Travel & Adventure as one of the most innovative and accommodative travels agents in Nepal. It is based in Kathmandu, Nepal.amigo Its team is experienced in travel industry and  can come up with many new innovative solutions for your travel needs.  They believe that traveling & exploring new lands expands one’s horizon. It offers everything for almost every  kind of travelers- be  it  expeditions on the Himalayas, royal & elegant architectural sites and location of Kathmandu- thrilling treks on Himalayas- Thrilling adventure tours- the intricate carvings  &  spiritual atmosphere of Pilgrimage Tours & Lord Buddha Tours. Besides the activity of trekking, mountaineering, tours, they  arrange filming, incentive,  International and domestic flights, Hotel bookings, Visit in villages, Jungle Safari, Rafting, Rock Climbing, Bungee Jumping, mountain flights etc.….


3. Anamnagar Moneytransfer Pvt.Ltd(Kathmandu, Nepal)

anamnagarAnamnagar Money transfer Pvt.Ltd  is a privately owned money transfer company situated in Nepal at the heart of   Kathmandu City
REMITTANCE INCOME IN DEVELOPING countries has become a lifeline for economic development. By remittance we mean sending income in terms of money or goods in home by the migrants or workers who have their earnings outside their home country. Now-a days, this source of foreign income has been growing rapidly in each year in developing countries. Since long time in Nepal, many migrants have been transferring their income through the unofficial channels. So we are playing a role to discourage such means and encourage them to use official channel. So , It helps to  transfer their money in right time to the right recipient through right channel.


4. Gurkha Security Training Institute(Kathmandu, Nepal)

K.D International HR Consultancy has its own Training Institute to produce different kinds of Security guards. It can run tailor made training to suit our employer’s specific needs. We also have our own training cell where the expert of the related field will provide especial Security Training to all the candidates prior to the deployment .It runs and arranges training covering security in the following subjects.kathmandu

  • Hotel Security:- Training-covering hospitality  language, specific vehicle parking, courtesy, uniform and hotel rules and regulations    with emphasis on health and safety.
  • Shop Lifting :– Understanding movement of customers in supermarkets, how to suspect likely shop lifters, security devices stalled at specific areas and method of approaching suspects and reporting incidents to police.
  • Shipping Companies :– For this specific training, candidates would be sent to Mumbai on the request of the clients.
  • Industries :– Emphasis on health and safety, handling of heavy equipment and small arms training on the   request of clients.
  • Security Dog Training :– This can also be arranged with local police department.
  • Personal Bodyguard :– Protection of clients in adverse conditions, taekwondo for self-defense.
  • Swimming Guards :– Training on swimming, lifeguard  and evacuation method.


5. Himal International Medical Centre Pvt. Ltd (Kathmandu, Nepal)

himalHimal International Medical Centre Pvt .Ltd is the medical center, which is approved by the Ministry of Health and Population of the government of Nepal to provide medical checkup services to Nepalese people going abroad on foreign employment.