Why KD ?


K.D International HR Consultancy is a provider of manpower and organizational consulting services with a strong presence in the Middle East and headquarter in UAE. Its primary focus and expertise is to provide the right people at the right time through personalized recruitment of professional, Skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower. K.D International HR Consultancy provides end-to-end solutions and services for recruitment through tested process systems, skill set and expertise. The K.D International HR Consultancy team is comprised of enthusiastic and well-experienced staff with more than 20 yrs. experience in the field of recruitment and manpower consulting.

It is our prides itself in providing exceptional service and added value. We are able to achieve this goal by managing human resources effectively, removing administrative burden and potential legal risk whilst, creating competitive advantage.


First We Consult, And then We Recruit.              
With a focus on information, our first step is to understand client requirements and interpret the vacancy. Using an account management approach, our consultants develop an understanding of your organizational environment with an aim to provide you with the most suitable professionals.

We specialize in YOUR recruitment needs         
We understand the importance of delivering results and as recruitment experts, in recruitment we help in identify practical solutions to your needs.

There is no substitute for experience   
Our consultants are professionals in the Hospitality, Sales & Marketing, Construction & Technical, IT & Telecommunication, Advertising & PR, Finance & Banking, and HR & Administration industries. They have more then 20 years combined recruitment experience as well as a thorough knowledge of the market place.


Updated, not outdated
We ensure that our professional consultants skill are continuously enhanced through regular training on not only how and where to look for top employment candidates, but also what to look for when assessing them. Tried-and-true analytical approaches and logic management capabilities combine with state-of-the-art recruitment practices to make our seasoned consultant highly accomplished solution providers.

Superior quality produces superior results         
Identifying quality candidates goes well beyond reviewing applicant responses to advertised vacancies – K.D International HR Consultancy focuses on professionals who excel in their current roles. Our database of employees from every industry is our foundation for securing the candidates that best fit your organization. Our international network of distinguished associates affords us the very widest coverage possible at highly competitive rates.

Attention to detail         
Consultant specialists actively engage in both thorough applicant research (fact verification) and a dynamic candidate interview process. They additionally rely on commonly used psychometric analysis tools to further assess behavioral aspects and interpret individual characteristics of suitable candidates.

Quality, not Quantity    
Our function is to save your time and minimize your effort. To that end we will supply you with the top two or three resumes along with our assessment of each candidate, salary information, and any other details of relevance and interest, all in one easy presentation.



K.D International can create added value in Five key areas

Expert HR Knowledge:expert

K.D International HR Consultancy team of consultants is all professionally qualified HR consultants with experience across all HR functions. Working as a team, this diversity enables K.D International HR Consultancy to provide unparalleled knowledge and service and possess a distinct advantage on the market when compared to other HR professionals.


Extensive Database:

Since inception, K.D International HR Consultancy has managed to build an extensive database of professional clients across a number of industries ensuring that K.D International HR Consultancy is able to swiftly and effectively introduce to our clients, candidates with the right skills at the right time.


HR Library:

In addition to our extensive database for K.D International HR Consultancy has also developed an extensive library of HR papers, legal and professional articles and journals specifically from the region and international and from this library we are able to develop specific templates/projects that meet our client’s needs.


uaeUAE Knowledge:

A distinct advantage to K.D International HR Consultancy is that all our services have been developed from best practice but then tailored to meet UAE requirements, including federal, commercial and cultural. We will work in partnership with our clients to ensure that all HR functions undertaken meet federal law, Company and staff requirements.





By outsourcing our HR requirements to K.D International HR Consultancy our clients can expect to save time and money just on staff costs. This cost saving does not include EOSB or leave accrual etc. This is a significant cost saving for any Company.