Steps of Manpower Sourcing

Recruitment, selection and placement of quality staff have been a major part of K.D International HR Consultancy desteps_manpower_sourcingdicated and professional services since its inception. K.D International HR Consultancy assists Employers in selecting the right people required for the right place.

We assist job seekers who want to work abroad. For job seekers we provide a friendly, personal and totally professional approach to their search process – the level of which can be difficult to match by other HR Consultancies. In this regard we are uniquely positioned to help short listed offshore candidates to interview with foreign companies, deal with settlement issues and prepare for the cultural and lifestyle differences that may exists between their home country and living down under.

Steps of Manpower Sourcing Process

In order to select the best possible candidate for various industries, we follow the following procedures.

Step 1:-Understand our client’s requirements. Actively listen to clients and identify the vacancies that are required to be fulfilled.

Step 2 :-Identify the candidate’s talents, abilities,strengths and untapped potential. Screen and perform detailed interviews of qualified candidates. Conduct practical evaluations and testing of skills set.

Step 3:-Provide the linkage between our Candidates and Clients. Send qualified candidate’s CVs according to client’s needs and requirements. Provide short-   listed candidates with detailed information about Client’s background and mission.

Step 4:-Empower short-listed candidates with self-presentation skills in order to excel in the upcoming   interview.

Step 5:-Conduct job-matching accuracy checks with clients upon completion of each interview.

Step 6:-Enhance our manpower search after receiving valuable feedbacks from clients upon completion of candidate’s first interviews.

Step 7:-After Placement Support Services counsel employees and provide dispute management services. Communicate regularly with Client’s HR Manager’s after placement to understand candidates work performances and how candidates can improve to better their contributions.