Processing Duration


Day 1:-Receipt of Attested set of Documents of requirement from client.

Day 2:-Checking & Preparing Documents for submission to Labor Department.(Respective Country)

Day 3:-Submission of Original Documents of requirement to Labor Dept for NOC.

Day 5 :-Receipt of NOC letter from Labor Dept & faxing the same to the media office for Advertisement.

Day 6:-Publishing DEMAND / ADVT in daily newspaper on behalf of client.

Day:-7-14:Pre-screening candidates. (Time Depends on the volume of requirement)

Day 15 :-Submission of Advertisement and Apply in Labor Department to conduct final interview & selection in presence of client   representative/s.

Day 16:-Selected candidates will be sent for medical check up.

Day 17-18:The candidates who are medically fit will sign the offer letter sent by the client and send the complete required document for the further process to obtain visa.



•  We will give orientation classes to make them aware of the laws and orders and working environment of the country of employment.

•  After getting all the documents ready, we will contact travel agents to book the tickets. (Employers may send PTA’s to any airlines       operating in the sourcing country).

•  Deployment of the candidates.


Note: After receiving visa, we require 10-20 Days time for the deployment of the candidates. It depends on the volume of the candidates.