Selection Techniques

We go through 3 interview techniques for final selection by the client company among short-listed candidates.

  • Selection through Video Conferencing: This is for those who are too busy to visit sourcing country for an interview. We selectionmake every arrangement for the interview between clients and the candidates through video conferencing.



  • Selections through Face to face Interview: If clients wants to visit and see the candidates personally. We make all necessary preparations for face-to-faceinterview. We call short-listed candidates for the particular day. We have fully equipped A/C Room?????????? and other modern facilities – Computer, Telephone, Internet, and all that an interview might need.



  • Selection onbehalf of clients:  Sometimes our valuable clients give us full authority to manpower consultant for entire selection procedures. In such, we carry out interview on behalf of clients abroad and make all dispatching arrangements toemployer man the employment destination.