Terms & Conditions

Client company (EMPLOYER) hereinafter called the First Party & K.D International HR Consultancy (Agency) hereinafter called the Second Party in the below terms and conditons.


1. The 2nd party shall request to provide the required  documentation with  1st party in the recruitment processing   and documentation of manpower.


2. The Second Party will forward the personal data and relevant documents of qualified candidates to the First Party   within 15 days of receiving complete documents in original.


3. The 1st party will have the final authority on selection of workers for employment.


4. The First Party will send Visa Copies of the workers to the Second Party within maximum of 30 days once the   selection procedure is over.


5. Accommodation and transportation (to site and back) shall be provided to all the candidates recruited by the first   party.


6. The 2nd party shall be responsible for arranging required modes of selection in related place at an appropriate test center.



7. The 1st party shall be responsible for charges for the legalization of stay of candidates in the country of employment (I.e. Medical Test, Health card, Visa stamping etc.). There will be no deduction from salary.


8. The salary for the workers shall be on a monthly basis as mentioned in the demand letter and employment contract signed by each worker prior to their arrival in the  country of employment.


9. The 1st party will forward valid documents on time to the 2nd party to prove that the visa is already under process which enable the 2nd party to prepare the candidates for immediate travel to the country of employment.


10. The 2nd party will endeavor to board recruited candidates within 2 to 3 weeks of receipt of original visa from the 1st party.


11. The 1st party will provide all workers with a PTA for joining duty from point of origin . (Negotiable)


12. The 1st party shall pay to the 2nd party service charge of equal to one month salary of the workers for each candidates recruited. The 2nd party will not charge any recruitment fee to the workers. (Negotiable)


13. If in case candidates do not travel , The 2nd party will provide a similarly skilled replacement without additional service charge .The 2nd party will also   incur the additional cost of withdrawn candidates including replacement of  visa costs, visa cancellation costs and other cost which may be reasonably be associated with the withdrawal which leave The 1st party at loss.


14. The 2nd party will be liable for any re booking or visa costs incurred as a result of incorrect or inaccurate information provided on any employee during the visa processing or flight booking procedure or after deployment.


15. In the event that the employee is terminated from employment within the first six months as a result of poor performance, medical unfit, conduct or absconding then the 2nd party will bear cost of visa, fees associated with registration of absconding (if applicable) employee and repatriation costs.


16. The 2nd party will not be liable for poor performance of the candidates. If the candidates are selected by the 1st party through face to   face interview.


17.  The First Party shall ensure and guarantee for the workers’ security in UAE.


18. The Second Party will ensure that all workers understand and agreed to the Employment Contract and the same shall be treated as final binding.


19. All other terms and conditions not covered by this agreement will be applicable as per country Labour Law.


Both the involved parties certify that they have read the agreement and that they fully understand its terms and conditions together with its application.

In witness thereof the parties have voluntarily signed and subscribe their names below herein: