For Employers

Our priority is to provide you with the right qualified applicant, whose values and commitment perfectly match yours, and who will easily fit in to the culture of your organization. With a peer-less interview process, all our applicants are pre-screened to ensure rapid and effective matching to your staffing requirements. We want to work closely with you to ensure your continued provision of excellence and quality.


We are confident that we can provide the skills, methodology and experience necessary to meet your requirements.

Our interviewing and reference checking techniques, along with our objective assessments provide us with the basis for minimizing many risks inherent in selection.

The following is a summary of the recruitment services that we provide:

  • Job analysis, role defining and preparation of Job Descriptions and Person Specifications so you have a clear idea of who you are looking for.
  • Designing a competency framework and linking this to your organizations vision and goals.
  • Placement of adverts only in places, which are targeted to your industry sector.
  • Support with short-listing and sifting of candidates saving you time by presenting only a selection of the best candidates.
  • Interview training and preparation including designing competency based interview questions.
  • Offering full interview support including sitting in and assisting you conduct the interview.
  • Conducting interviews to qualify applicants and explore their potential face to face.
  • Carrying out role-plays and tests as requested by you to explore suitability of candidates.
  • Declining candidates and providing the necessary feedback.
  • Contact previous employers to take references verbally and in writing.
  • Administering the Offer Letter and Contract of Employment.
  • We can also sit in with Client Interviews to guide and help them interview and select a candidate who fits in with their culture and has the right attitude and skills for the role.
  • Designing an induction program and inducting the new candidate successfully into your organization.
  • We can also support you with any job fairs/ open evenings/career events.
  • Thereafter we can even take care of the candidate‚Äôs full HR and employment matters including induction, training and development.
  • We can tailor a specific solution to meet your needs. We also offer a probation period placement guarantee.